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C2E Transmedia was founded by Joseph Mauro and John Gallagher to develop entertainment properties across a number of media and platforms. With the addition of Larry Rosenthal and Keith Kevan as producers, we have worked in creative development and production in almost every media and digital platform — with many of the top international brands, producing marketing and entertainment properties.


Our goal in developing The Thumpers Chronicles is to work with large publishers and entertainment companies to create a franchise of characters and worlds that will appeal to a broad spectrum of today’s niche audiences, and that will attract brand sponsorships and development of custom intellectual properties.


Our company has been creating transmedia marketing campaigns for years — without putting that label on it.  We focus on one overarching brand story rather than a tagline. We tell different parts of the story told over multiple media in the ways that best suit that media. We have developed programs and promotions supporting our brands' customers in telling their part of the story using all the social media platforms.


The fact that we found out we were producing Transmedia marketing, was not as important of our discovery that these techniques work better and are more cost effective than traditional advertising and marketing methodologies.

Joseph Mauro, Partner

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John Patrick Gallagher, Partner

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