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The United States Government Has Declared War

On The World Environment.

We must fight back against government science deniers and irresponsible corporations.

We need to change the attitudes of the blithely unaware, which seems to be half of U.S. voters.

We must make heroes of the EcoWarriors who fight for the earth and animals.




EcoRockers fight new environmental threats before they become imminent eco-disasters.

We work with other groups and peeps to create eco-focused art and entertainment that creates awareness and changes attitudes.


Our initial focus is the ocean. Man-made pollution. Rises in temperature due to global warming. Acidity. Threats to species. And an emerging development that exacerbates each of the

current dangers. Floating Cities.


In addition to working on the script and financing of the docudrama "The Aquarius Dilemma", we are coproducing YouTube videos with our peeps, an EcoRockers Children's Gallery on Facebook, and a Twitter poster campaign, and a VR experience “Aquasanti Recon”. In our spare time,

we are writing virulent anti-Trump tweets.