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Seven young Eco-Warriors. College students who become legends defending the environment from the Violators — across the earth, sea, and parallel dimensions. Female role models for the 13-34 audience — except for Kilani who is a tatted up, drug dealing, NYU drop-out with a mouth smarter than her brain.

And Turq does get kind of blood simple destroying the gangbangers who raped her. Jett can't leave her dorm without putting on a disguise. Ariel and Paulina have the kind of relationship that won't allow them to use a restroom in North Carolina. And yes, Máilí is on the Terrorist Most Wanted List. But on the whole,

they are really freaking heroic and role-modelish.


Máilí and the Thumpers appear in a series of interconnected films, tv, novels, graphic novels and VR, each telling a different part of a larger story. Much like Marvel's Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., each successful property creates a demand for other properties.


The first novel introduces the Thumpers at  their formation.

The Joys of REVENGE THERAPY is like an issue zero. These New York City college women overcome personal tragedies by joining together to help each other. When they learn  to weaponize their intelligence, they become a bad-ass force that brings retribution onto the heads of the sexual Violators of New York City. And the way they do it makes them an urban legend.  

The novel, is followed by a high tech action adventure film —

THE THETIS THREAT. To save the oceans from a death sentence, the Thumpers must stop the Violators from building the first sovereign corporate country on the Atlantic ocean. 

In the two MÁILÍ'S MAZE novels, Máilí steals the secret of cross dimensional travel, only to lose it to the Violators. In her escape from the Hellfire Mercs,  Becca, Kilani and Mia are transported to a parallel world on the edge of ecological destruction.

Happening simultaneously with the novel, is our sci-fi tv series FRISCO CITY. The three transported Thumpers take on the Violators in a stagnated society, one that's been intentionally frozen into a period of unregulated corporate supremacy. And it has the unbreathable air and undrinkable water to prove it.

In her next adventure, an app-enhanced novel, Máilí experiments with a glitchy transporter. It takes her places where Clydesdales can fly and SANTA CLAUS MUST DIE!

In the live action, family-friendly adventure film, THE DRUIDNOMICON,

Máilí returns to her roots as a legendary Witch Princess of Eire. Returns to Loch Tara an island stocked with castles, underground mazes, mermaids, banshees, fairies, witches, wizards, and evil legends of the Celtic people. Máilí learns her craft from three young witches who join her on a quest for a legendary book that could hold the secret to rescue her friends.

In BERZRK, the rage of an NYU student ignites dormant DNA which imbues her with the awesome power of a Zulu Berzerker.  But it is still notenough to survive the killing fields of Global Gang War I.

All seven properties are fully written. More are on the drawing board.

Finished scripts or manuscripts are available.


To support our properties, we have developed a

Transmedia Marketing Plan, and a state of the art app-enhanced Community Involvement Program.