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The Thumpers. Seven young Eco-Warriors. College students who become legends defending the environment from the Violators — across the earth, sea, and parallel dimensions. Female role models for the 13-34 audience — except for Kilani who is a tatted up, drug dealing, NYU drop-out with a mouth smarter than her brain. And Turq, well she does go into berzerker rage if some bozo bumps her on the subway. Jett can't leave her dorm without putting on a disguise. Paulina is a drag king eco freak. Ariel is the sole heir of the fortune richest bad guy outside of th Russian Mafia. And yes, Witch Princess Máilí Walsh is on the Terrorist Most Wanted List. But on the whole, they are really freaking heroic and role-modelish.


Máilí and the Thumpers appear in a series of interconnected films, tv, novels, graphic novels and VR, each telling a different part of a larger story. Much like Marvel's Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., each successful property creates a demand for other properties.