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The Chronicles follow Maili and The Thumpers from their founding as depressed

NYC college students through the weaponization of their intelligence, to their emergence in multiple stringverses as Eco-Warriors who defend the environment from the Violators.


There are currently three completed novels that interlace with two completed screenplays,

a television series, and a VR film — working together to tell one epic story.


Each film and tv screenplay will have novelizations. New ebook short stories are in development.

Book Three: Santa Claus Must Die!


110,000 Word Sci-fi Adventure

In an alternate stringverses, her mob boss financier forces Maili to help him steal Christmas and replace it with Saturnalia.

Interconnected Novels, Films, TV and Games —

Working Together To Tell The Full Story



100,000 Word Action Adventure

Like college-aged Fern Michaels  with a sensibility of Jana DeLeon.


Máilí Walsh is the inspiration for six desperate college women to embrace the the concept of Revenge Therapy. It seems their only hope to claw their way out of despair. And begin them on the road to become Urban Legends.

Máilí’s Maze Trilogy


Book One: Techno Thriller of 79,000 Words

Targeting fans of Tris Prior and Sass Sebastian.


Máilí Walsh, a physicist intern, discovers that to rubiks cube the secret of cross dimensional travel, she must get promoted from dog-walker, find love, and win a wheelchair race.  In Book Two, now in development, Máilí must steal the transdimensional controller to save the world.