5’9” 125 lbs

Natural red hair dyed blond



Intelligence and intensity

A Theoretical Physicist 

with the Magic of a Druid Witch Princess


Steals secret to transdimensional travel 

Druid School dropout
On Interpol Most Wanted List


Experimenting on radical Global Warming solutions


To the Thumpers Becca is Hit-Girl grown up. In addition to being a kickass warrior, Becca Ben-Gurion has an almost psychic ability to read people's body language, almost to the point of reading their minds. Becca isn't and never was a people person. It is one of the reasons she’s so good at reading people. It never came naturally. She had to train herself to do it.


We meet our main character as a precocious 18-year-old about to graduate from Columbia. The Irish girl is on the fast track to getting her doctorate in theoretical physics at MIT.


In the first chapter of Revenge Therapy, Máilí will inspire a group of knocked-down college women to get up and fight back. For themselves and others.


In her past is a tragic mistake that put her on the Interpol Terrorist List and keeps her on the edge of fear at all times.


In her future as a physicist, Máilí will steal the secret to multi-dimensional travel from a villainous corporation that must have it back. To avoid an attack by the corporation's mercenaries, her friends in the Thumpers jump to another string dimension, where they are stranded. Máilí must go back and embrace her heritage as one of the three Druid Witch Princesses of Eire where she will learn the secrets of Druid magic that will allow her a chance to rescue the other Thumpers.

The Chronicles are the story of her becoming — becoming what she needs to be to defend her friends, the planets, and people in the stringverses against the rapacious greed of the Violators and their mercenaries.