17 years old, 5’ 6”, 122 pounds

Green eyes

Freshman and Sophomore at NYU

Her voluptuous body makes men create drool pools.



Performer, producer and engineer

Can play almost any instruments

Can play any song she hears without sheet music



Sonic Boom

She’s the only one in the band. Plays all the instruments. Sings lead and backups.

Produces tracks in her lavish home studio

Helped by tutors that are often ex-rock stars


Police Baton/Cattle Prod (which she uses like fencing epee)


Her real weapon is her songs 

The songs she writes will save a world



Father: Zillionaire Davis Jonus

Mother: Left them long ago

No siblings. She is the only heir




Music major

Discovers she’s a boy magnet

Little Sister at Delta Iota Kappa fraternity



Frat boy who raped her and passed her around (“Revenge Therapy”)

Paulina “Pauly“ (“Thetis Threat”)

Army (“ Dust”)




Taylor Swift

Dolly Parton


Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen of “Game Of Thrones”

Menolly of “Drogonsinger” and “Dragonsong”, novels by Ann McCafferty




Taylor Swift

Dolly Parton

Songwriting Revolutionary —
Her songs open minds to visions that can change the world

Internet Video Idol 

Heiress to Billions 

Finances the Thumpers


Once IED’d a rape-party frat house and wrote a beautiful song about it 


At first glance, or stare, Ariel Jonas is eye-candy. Nope. Smart, strong, confident. Dedicated to her music and saving the environment. Ariel stands tall, shoulders back. Comfortably. Like a veteran soldier. Or regal like a queen. She always looks like she belongs at the head of the table.


In the Chronicals

Readers first meet Ariel, in “The Joys of Revenge Therapy” in a Meetup group with six other college women who also had been damaged. After being raped by an NYU guy she thought she loved, and Frat guys she thought were her friends, Ariel doesn’t know whom she can trust if anyone. 


The young musical prodigy is a broken person. So broken, the naive young girl is almost comatose. She can do nothing but cry.


The Thumpers take her in. Rearrange her psyche. Train her in revenge. Revenge is the answer. When people messed with her, she would destroy them as the Thumpers did to Ramrod the Roofie rapist, who had raped and robbed Kilani.

In “Thetis Threat” Ariel’s billionaire father, Davis Jonas leads the corporate violators trying to build the floating city-state of Thetis. Magnificent, but a potential ecological disaster that could destroy the ocean. 


That ecological disaster is the subject of Paulina‘s documentary. Pauly goes undercover at the construction site to do research. She is captured. The Thumpers rescue her, destroy the floating city, in the process killing scores of mercenaries defending it.


Ariel was happy about what they’d done. She felt justified. It broke the last link that tied her to her father. The Thumpers were now her family. She was still a billionaire in her own right, but she was no longer under her father’s thumb or protection. On her own, but with Pauly and Thumpers, she had her safe place.


In “Rippling Ocean of Dust”, Ariel is the main protagonist for the first time in the Chronicals.


She finds herself “outside the Jonus bubble” for only the second time in her life. She is trapped in the real world, all by herself. Ariel is a stranger in a strange land. She has nothing. No money. No connections. No support groups. And no experience to get her through.


She doesn’t know who she is without all that. She is truly “Lost in the Dust”. She has to fight her way past the self-pity she feels. She psyches up to face reality head-on. She needs a plan she doesn’t have. But must if she hopes to survive.