Ozymandias Boardman will become the greatest threat to the survival of the individual Thumpers. 


The Great Oz is a billionaire who owns a dozen international Casinos. He is also an angel to the Delta Iota Kappa fraternity. He provides the Chosen Few with a party house, liquor and drugs to recruit Little Sisters. Out of that pool of freshman beauties, he inveigles the most impressionable to become Whale Watchers — who provide very personal entertainment for his casino's big spenders.


Oz comes under Thumpers attack as collateral damage when they revenge the suicide of a DIK Little Sister who has been gang-raped. More devastating than being shot or his house exploding while he’s in it, the Thumpers steal video of the Little Sister’s sex parties. They intend to give them to the authorities.  The video that will destroy the frat will also destroy The Great Oz and everything he has built.


In Chess, Oz hates playing defense.  One opponent called him the Most Offensive Chess Player ever. Oz took it as a compliment and patterns his life on it.


Oz hires Venus Stellar, owner of the most amoral PR and Social Media agency to defend the frat and his reputation, while the mercenaries of Hellfire Security go on the offensive to destroy Maili and the Thumpers.


The Joys of REVENGE THERAPY is a 100,000-word adventure targeted at 13–29-year-olds. It has an attitude similar to Fern Michaels' Sisterhood series, but with a sensibility more like that of Carl Hiaasen or Jana DeLeon.


The novel introduces Máilí and the Thumpers in the first chronological property of the Thumpers Chronicles. It is the beginning of their journey from wilted lettuce to joyful individuals who will eventually evolve into multi-dimensional heroes defending the planets from the violators.


Máilí Walsh is the inspiration for six desperate NYU women to embrace the concept of Revenge Therapy. It seems their only hope to claw their way out of despair. If it worked for Lisbeth Salander…


When it's her turn at the Abused Women’s Meetup, instead of reiterating another "poor me" story, Máilí sees herself in them and gets pissed off. She stands up and sings her Da's drinking song "I get knocked down, but I get up again. Nobody's gonna keep me down." Tub Thumping is the call to action that starts them on the path to becoming avengers.


Máilí is the bait for their first Revenge Op on Ramrod the Roophie Rapist. They are lucky to get away with only sprains and bruises. They can only paint RAPIST on the bastard's forehead before they hear the sirens. It's an epic fail considering their awesome plans which included duct tape, crazy glue, and a "This Bud's For You" suppository.


Máilí finds no joy in the violence of their first mission. Besides, they suck at it. They decide to forgo violence. To weaponize their intelligence using an arsenal of the latest research tools, computer hacks, social media platforms, tricks, and smash tags. They mount their next revenge op with no idea of the vicious battle that awaits them.


Payback to the frat rats who caused a friend's suicide inadvertently puts their lives on the line. They find themselves coming up against the frat's angel, casino mogul Ozymandias Boardman. While the Thumpers go tweet-to-tweet, post-to-post, in a back and forth battle against NYC's nastiest pr and social media agency, the security forces of the Great Oz are closing in on them to "make the problem go away, permanently".


When they are on the run, and all is lost, each acts alone, making a character-altering sacrifice. They still fall short. That's until the loud-mouthed loser of the group creates a "Kitten Video". That viral video turns it all around, destroying Oz and the frat rats while saving the Thumpers from death, destruction, and getting thrown out of NYU.