Thetis Threat

The Thetis Threat is a Thumpers sci-fi adventure set in the near future.

Maili Walsh


Kilani Graham

The creation of a floating country in the mid-Atlantic will put the existence of the oceans' ecosystems at risk. Ecologically sound Seasteading is a boon to the environment, so the world is thrilled. No one recognizes that a corporate Kiratsu has perverted the concept. No one but an ecological activist attending NYU.


There are only days left to avert destruction.  If Thetis is given sovereign status by the United Nations, the corporate country will make its own laws and regulations.


Given the level of ecological responsibility shown in corporate land development, Paulina is sure they will kill the ocean one pollutant, one species extinction, one cost-effective decision at a time.


The film begins with the Thumpers rescue of eco-activist Paulina, who has sneaked onto the Thetis construction site in the South Pacific.  Before she was captured, she learned of an Ecological Impact Study that was buried because it proves the dangers are real.


While Paulina is recuperating from her enhanced interrogation,  Maili and Kilani join up with two guys from Greenpeace to infiltrate the site to steal the 

Research Study.


Becca uses her job as a translator to get assigned to the man in charge of convincing or bribing the U.N. Delegates. Turq seduces Jean Descartes, hunky Olympic swimmer and face of the Thetis Project. The Thetis Kiratsu behind the new nation of Thetis is made up of some of the richest and most powerful companies on earth. The defensive capabilities they throw 

against the Thumpers is awesome.


In the final battle, the Thumpers must fight the Hellfire Mercenaries, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, armed drones and robots, a submarine owned by the Islamic State, Sikorsky helicopters, and a geosynchronous satellite equipped with space to earth laser weaponry.


Jett Masamune

Turquoise Tomlinson


Paulina Cvitkovitch


Rebecca Ben-Gurion


Dr. Sven Svenson

Building A Real Thetis Seastead Out Of Film Profits

One of the first Ocean Cities will be built in French Polynesia within the next few years. It is being developed by the Seasteading Institute in an environmentally sound and ecologically friendly manner by some of the most far-seeing minds on the planet. We intend to use the profits from the film to fund our own neighborhood modules in Phase II of that development.  More info on seasteading at


Gregorio Ford