Prisoner & Slave

Dramatic Webseries

Prisoner and Slave is a running battle between the forces of prejudice and entitlement against two college students. The series is set in an alternate dimension where the 1860’s Civil War was never fought. And slaves were never emancipated — until Jett and Turq arrived. 


College students, Jett Tanaka and her berzerker sidekick Turquoise Thomlinson are mistaken for runaway slaves.  They are captured, imprisoned, and escape, captured and escape, captured, and escape. As they fight their way north to freedom, they discover love, hate, prejudice, and people who need their help.

Jett and Turq are transported to this war-torn stringverse by accident, so they are totally unprepared. They are dropped into a hornet’s next.  Fight, capture and escape, capture and escape, capture and escape. With personal drama/comedy/philosophy/romance between chases.


Jett is our protagonist. We see the world from her point of view. She is the only character we see inside her head. Jett’s Japanese ancestry makes her “coloured” as are all mixed breeds. Coloureds are free within certain limitations They can’t own property including slaves. Theoretically they are treated almost as good as puredee white folks. But they ain’t white, Jethro. They ain’t as good as white folk, and the WOGs ought to damn well remember it.



JETT is our protagonist

Jett has wisdom beyond her 21 years.

She believes strongly in non-violence. Role models: Gandhi and Shotakan who believed competition is contrary to the essence of Bushidō, the warrior's way.

She is a design major at FIT. She interns at a Lolly Po, a fashion design firm. 

She wears disguises, even when she doesn’t need to because she likes them. It’s her kink. Her ability to make disguises and clothes  will be important  in “Prisoner and Slave”


Turquoise Thomlinson aka Berzrk

Tall, beautiful, African-American 20-year-old Junior NYU communications major. 

Part-time model. Jett gives Turq her big break modeling for the House Of Lolly Po.

She is at war with the gangs of Harlem.

Very athletic. A former High School track star.

Turq goes Berzrk when angry or threatened. DNA based retro powers/tiger stripes,  strength, and enlarged canines