Aquasanti Recon

VR Game & Thrill Ride In Development With Cube3



Aquasanti — a man-made island complex under construction in the south Asian sea. A huge flotilla ring under construction that surrounds an undersea volcano is attempting to be used to provide geothermal power to the new “continuant” city-state. A libertarian world to also be based on a huge space station being built in geosyncnes orbit above it. 


The island is being constructed from steel as well as rock material and ejecta created as they drill into the seabed and release the magma and volcanos power. huge undersea drills and pillars move material from the sea bottom to the surface and giant 3d printing devices use lasers to cure the seabed, and algae grew raw materials to form building blocks and units. As the inner island is formed, the algae-based substructures are used to grow trees and grassy surfaces at highly accelerated rates to nature. The PROBLEM with this method is that the synthetic means of growth releases a supersaturated Carbon Dioxide count/with some toxins that if unstopped will accelerate global warming and raise sea levels, poison lands all over the rest of the globe. A good 1/3 of the flotilla ring is actually the launch complex for the Orbisanti — Space Ring Complex already also under construction above. Daily Shuttle rockets launch and are retrieved on platforms located on the south side of the ring.


On the west side of the ring, there are the office complexes of GIA Corp. Including the converted Luxury sea liner the SS Esmerelda, a refit Disney Cruise ship. Many smaller vessels are bound and docked around her and onto the rings docks. many are homes and apartments for the singularity cult members attracted to the project as well as some workers. most workers though are ship bound or on island constructs as part of their work.


The center of the island is home to the main drill and power stations all directly connected to the ocean floor and volcano rising. The huge 3D printer ships/hovercraft “spin” outward like spiders weaving the spiral web outward to eventually meet the outer ring docks that are much more steel, and man-made in appearance. Eventually, the man-made ring will become fortified and act as a wall, protecting the inner “paradise” not unlike the mythical Atlantis was said to appear.


For this Atlantis to happen, many will die, and the world will be forever poisoned. For this reason, the Thumpers decide on a plan to destroy it before it becomes fully operational and the full power of the volcano can be harnessed.

Larry Rosenthal is a pioneer in VR. one of the first developers and evangelists at a time of bandwidth limitations, latency and the barfogenic zone. Finally, the technology is caught up to his vision.  


This will be Larry's first long form interactive VR and AR film working on Oculus and other HMDs.


Larry is also designing theme park attractions for Thetis Threat and the magic world of the Druidnomicon.