Thumpers Originals


The Thumpers suck at their first revenge on Ramrod the Roofie Rapist   


The novel "The Joys of REVENGE THERAPY" introduces the Thumpers. Seven New York City college women who overcome personal tragedies by joining together for mutual support. But they really haven’t got their revenge act together and suffer the consequences.


The Thetis Threat

The Thumpers must save the Pacific from a floating city's environmental disaster.

In the high-tech action-adventure film, "THE THETIS THREAT", they must save the oceans from a death sentence by stopping the Violators from building the first “no rules, no regulations” corporate country floating on the Pacific.

All properties are fully written. More are on the drawing board. 

Finished scripts or manuscripts are available. 

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Turq’s battle with gangbangers ignites her DNA to reveal a Zulu War Goddess

In the graphic novel BERZRK, the rage of part time model attacked on the subway ignites dormant DNA which imbues her with the awesome power of a berzerker. This is a lead-in for the violent VR game Global Gangwar I.


Máilí's Maze

Máilí steals the secret to transdimensional travel

In the novel MÁILÍ'S MAZE, physicist Máilí Walsh gets her first job in a research lab working on cutting edge string theory. She steals the secret of cross-dimensional travel save it from the Violators.


Máilí & The Mercs

Under attack, Máilí transports the Thumpers to alternate stringverses

In her escape from the “HELLFIRE MERCS”,  the young physicist transports the other Thumpers to parallel worlds... which will just happen to be on the precipice of ecological destruction.


Frisco City

Kilani and Becca foment revolution in a  city-state destroying its environment


In the TV series, "FRISCO CITY", Becca and Kilani are stranded in a steampunk city that has been intentionally frozen into a period of unregulated corporate supremacy. Maximizing short-term profits, year after year has resulted in an environmental disaster.


A Rippling Ocean of Dust

Pauly helps a Hopi godlet save the earth from an extinction-level event

In “A RIPPLING OCEAN OF DUST” KiOhTay, aka the trickster, must convince mankind to form an environmentally beneficial relationship with the earth, or humankind will have to restart their evolution as insects. His only hope is Pauly, the EcoFurious Thumper.


Prisoner and Slave

Turq and Jett fight for their freedom in a Civil War delayed 150 years

In “PRISONER AND SLAVE” Turq and Jett find themselves in an American Civil War in which the northern states secede from the Union dominated by the South. While Turq is chased like a runaway slave, pacifist Jett finds herself a lover who loves to blow things up.


The Sweet Jesus Chautauqua Caravan

Ariel survives by hustling Sweet Jesus Tonic. “Every bottle blessed. Blessings in every bottle.”

In “THE SWEET JESUS CHAUTAUQUA CARAVAN” Ariel grows into the person she should be. She works her ass off for room and board as a waitress, gopher, shill, and singer in a traveling medicine show. 

Prisoner and Slave

Máilí goes back to Druid school to learn the magic that will bring back her friends

In her search for the legendary magic book, the “DRUIDNOMICON”, 

Maili must stop the evil witch Lady Tempest from transforming the pristine 

magical Loch Tara into an amusement park.