Maili's Maze

Honorable Magnus Aurelius Creapeau, PhD  — Máilí's Arch Enemy Across The Stringverses

The Creep is a brilliant psychopath who hates Máilí from their first meeting as interns at the Hawkins Lab. The lowly intern flaunts her body at him while refusing to acknowledge his obvious superiority. She even has the audacity to mock him in front of the Lab's Co-Director. 


In "Máilí's Jump" the Creep will build his own string transporter. To destroy Máilí, he is willing to destroy entire stringverses. The Creep lives up to his family moto "nec compunction". No remorse. No compunctions.


Máilí’s Maze is a teen-targeted, sci-fi/fantasy of 79,000 words. 


Máilí Walsh, a twenty-year-old Druid School dropout and recent MIT grad in theoretical physics has the strength and intellect of an Eve Dallas, but the luck of Fortune Redding. The story's vibe is a bit like a James Patterson thriller. 


Máilí is an intern for the smartest man in the world. The Hawk's team is trying to engineer his string theories into a machine that will allow cross-dimensional travel. Time is running out on the grant. If they can’t achieve a transdimensional jump, the funding corporation will take the device and turn it into the most devastating weapon since the atom bomb. 


Máilí has ideas. A theory. She knows she can help if she convinces someone she can do more than walk a dog or push a wheelchair. She might breakthrough if the other intern who believes Máilí is after his Fellowship wasn’t sabotaging her every time she came close to be taken seriously.


Connecting The Stories


The psychological effects of the attack on her in “the joys of Revenge Therapy” won’t go away. She is relationshipally crippled. Will this time be any different? Maybe with the studly corporate exec or the geeky programmer crushing on her? Or is there someone too impossible to consider?


The second novel “Máilí’s Jump” is currently being written. After becoming the first stringverse traveler (in Máilí’s Maze), she steals the Stringverse Engine to stop the Corporation from getting it. Máilí sets up her own lab to fine-tune her Improbability Theory. The lab is attacked by mercenaries hired by the corporation. In order to save her friends, she transports them to another Stringverse (see Frisco City). In the process, her transportation device is destroyed. Her life becomes dedicated to finding a way to bring them back. 


The third novel in the trilogy is the already completed “Santa Claus Must Die!”. 


Máilí’s quest to rescue her friends is continued in the film, “The Druidnomicon”, where she learns to combine magic and science.

First Novel of the Stringverse Trilogy  

The Smartest Man in His Stringverse

The Hawk is a 40-year-old  theoretical physicist who is attempting to turn string theories into reality in the form of a stringverse travel controller, He has lost control of his lower extremities and uses a wheelchair, but not as seriously as his counterparts in other stringverses, like for instance, ours.


He and his co-director, Alva Yeh, created the project and the contraption based on his theories in String Dimensionality.  Hawks secret wish is he hopes to find a string where medical science will be able to fix his paralysis. He says it is not, but it is.


Captain Manfred Blackthorn Fischer

Head of Lab Security


Manfred the Mongoose is the leader of the mercenaries working for Hellfire Solutions, which is contracted as security for the lab. Fischer is ex-SAS and a right villain. In “Máilí’s Jump” he will lead his men through multiple stringverses in a quest to wipe out the Thumpers.


Hellfire Solutions is a security firm made up of mercenaries hired by S&M Transport as Lab Security. And later to track down the stolen Stringverse Transporter. Most of their toughest employees come out of African Tribal conflicts with a dozen kills before they were nine. Captain Fischer makes them look like Little Leaguers.


Mia The Brumby

An Intelligent Robot Who Transforms into A Spider 


Mia is an intelligent, self-aware AI robot who can look like either a cuddly koala or a vicious spider.


Mia and the Brumbies (brumbots) were designed for optimum functionality, and since form follows function, they looked like big evil spiders who made even the bravest co-workers wet their pants, before declaring they couldn’t work with the creatures.


The Brumbies determined they needed a makeover. They decided that the most lovable creature on earth was the Koala. In a battle, Mia looks weak and cuddly, but inside she is sudden death.