The next dire threats to the planetary ecosystem are floating corporate cities on the oceans — sovereign countries without the burden of regulations. These cities are not science fiction. The first are already being built. 


This new frontier is called Seasteading. Seasteads are permanent dwellings at sea, outside the territory claimed by the government of any nation.


It is not seasteading per se that is dangerous. We believe in the goal of building on the oceans. Seasteads are the future of mankind. The idealists behind seasteading have great ideas, and their heads and hearts are in the right place. Seasteading is an important advance for mankind and should be supported by forward thinking governments, organizations and individuals.


What is dangerous is corporate control without regulations. It is sovereign country status.


Economic considerations mean that only huge investments can launch a large seastead project like Thetis City and maintain it. That means corporate control. 


For a company to make the humongous investment required, they need a higher ROI than they can get on the land.  That higher ROI may come from things they cannot do legally on land.  Once a sea state has sovereign status, they can do anything. Unsafe medical research, pollute the ocean, fish species to extinction or alter DNA to maker mermaids or monsters. Anything that will make the shareholders money.


Awareness of the extreme ecological dangers need to be generated before multinational corporations can take command of the issue and warp public opinion as they’ve done on global warming, cigarettes, and the need to constantly feed the military industrial complex.


The mission of the Oceanic EcoWarriors Initiative is to convince the public and the politicians of the potential planet-wide risks before sovereign Sea City-States are a fait accompli.


The first shots in the new global eco-war have already been fired. We need to raise our voices at this critical time. We can’t wait. The Trump administration, none of whom believe in climate change or the EPA, are already gutting the protections (they call them regulations) for the air and water and the future of the planet.


We want to be in the vanguard of spreading the word.  The Oceanic EcoWarriors Initiative includes a major motion picture, a documentary, a graphic novel, fundraising events, a social media campaign, and a VR experience. The transmedia campaign can create a level of awareness needed. The initiative will promote Seasteading while revealing the oceanic ecological issues in much the same manner as films like Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove" or Badham’s “WarGames” did to provide a perspective on the dangers of nuclear gamesmanship.


The documentary “Colonizing the Oceans” will begin to build that awareness.  The sci-fi adventure film “Thetis Threat” will supersize it. We can make being an eco-warrior as cool as what Star Wars characters were back in the day.


Three quarters of the planet are at risk. Join us in The Oceanic EcoWarriors Initiative!