Maili & The Mercs

A live-action PG-13 adventure film

Máilí and the Druids is a live-action PG-13 adventure film with action movie pacing and humor set in a magical Druid Island hidden off the coast of Ireland.


Máilí brings the Thumpers back together to defend her new lab while she

perfects the glitchy technology. Before it is complete, the lab is attacked by the Hellfire Mercs. Máilí must blindly send the other Thumpers to an unknown stringverse before destroying the stringverse travel controller.


This begins a cat and mouse game across the stringverses. Máilí in search of the Thumpers. The mercs searching for Máilí. If she is caught and her secrets discovered the resources of multiple string dimensions will be plundered.


Episodes 1 & 2: Intern Máilí Walsh discovers the corporation providing funding for the lab, plans to take over the device in order to weaponize it. 

Episode 3: Her enemies discover that Máilí plans to steal the secret of string dimension travel to stop them from getting it. They make a preemptive strike.

Episode 4: Máilí battles with Hellfire Security, where she is saved by the Thumpers.

Episode 5: Máilí moves to a lab in London while she attempts to bring the technology and engineering to a workable level, which is a bitch.

Episode 6: Máilí's lab is discovered by the Hellfire Mercs, who plan a raid. 

Episode 7: Máilí and the Thumpers sneak out of London, right under the eyes of the mercs.

Episode 8: Máilí moves the lab to NYC 

Episode 9: Máilí hooks up with the rest of the Thumpers.

Episode 10: There are personality conflicts particularly with Han who is dating Kilani, but still has feelings for Máilí.

Episode 11: Máilí's Lab is attacked by the Hellfire Mercs. This time there is no way to win. And no escape

Episode 12: To save their lives, Máilí must blindly send the other Thumpers to an unknown stringverse before destroying the stringverse travel controller.

Episode 13: Máilí is on the run again, and the Thumpers are trapped in a stringverse dominated by evolved insects.