A live action, family friendly adventure film

MÁILÍ is a 5’9” strawberry blonde beauty in her early twenties with a body ready for the Olympic trials


CAMULUS is a square-jawed, six-foot-tall twenty-two year old wizard

Druidnomicon is a live-action, family-friendly adventure film set in a magical Druid Island off the west coast of Ireland.


In order to save her friends trapped in Frisco City, Druid School dropout Máilí Walsh returns to Loch Tara to learn the secrets of Druid magic that are her legacy. 


Máilí is a threat to one of the three Witch Princesses of Eire. The Hag relentlessly employs her best spells to destroy Máilí. Máilí must constantly scramble to survive and fulfill her quest.


In her search for the Druidomicon, a  book of the underlying scientific principles of magic, Máilí must contend with witches, vampires, legends, and Celtic gods. Her quest will take her deep underground to the evil Leprechaun’s gold mine. Her battle companions include three schoolgirls, a faery, a mermaid, and a young wizard with whom she falls in love. Camulus is a handsome young man who may or may not be her enemy. But he is a good kisser.


LADY TEMPEST is a 250-year-old hag in a beautiful 30-year old’s body

The MASTER SCHOLAR is a short old hippie dude with muttonchops the size of sheep hanging off his cheeks


Black haired fourteen-year-old KYRA has a distance runner's body and dark eyes that sparkle with intelligence


Freckled MOIRA, eleven, has a mass of thick red hair that would intimidate the most confident comb


Seven-year-old BIRGITTA has nut-brown hair and a wide-eyed "Oh, wow" expression