The Aquarius Dilema

The Thetis Threat is a Thumpers sci-fi adventure set in the near future.

THE AQUARIUS DILEMMA is a one-hour sci-fi docu-drama ala “The Big Short” and "Future Shock". It is a science-based look at the future of floating ocean city-states. It is a wake-up call for those who care about the global ecosystem and in particular the oceans. The film delves deeply into explaining the potential disaster that’s coming. 


The next step in man’s search for lebensraum is not Mars as fact-free Donald asserts. It is the oceans that cover three-quarters of the planet. The new blue frontier will be populated by floating city-states. Floating cities are an important advance for mankind. They are the future.


However, economic realities mean that only huge investments can build a huge Sea City. Sea Cities will be owned by corporations. They will become sovereign countries without citizens, only employees with no rights. City-States are as inevitable in the near future as the effects of global warming, and equally dire.


Imagine corporate control of the oceans without regulations. That is a true nightmare. Once a sea state has sovereign status, it can do anything. The United Nations Law of the Sea allows the “disposal of waste derived from the normal operations of platforms or other man-made structures at sea and their equipment.“ That’s exactly what a sea city is— a collection of man-made platforms. There will no regulations to prevent unsafe medical research or altering DNA to create frankenfish, mermaids, or monsters. Anything that will make the shareholders money is allowed. There are no laws concerning fishing to extinction in the open sea. This pisses us off and we want this film to begin the process of doing something about it.


At a time when science-denying, regulation-hating, real estate shark Donald Trump is the most powerful man on the planet,  we cannot assume a best-case scenario. No way. Trump is already gutting the protections(they call them regulations) for the air and water and the future of the planet.


In the era of the global environment, it behooves us not to wait until the oceans and sea life are decimated by corporate greed. Before the destruction is irreversible, we must paddle like hell, get ahead of the wave and ride it into a better future.