Apps are central to our fan-based community building. Our first release will be the "It's Alive!" app which is primarily an Augmented Reality app, much like Marvel uses to make comics come alive.


We intend to go much farther in fan participation and distribution of fanfiction using the app.


We will have a massive database that fans can contribute to.  For instance, when a photo of our star is viewed through a mobile device,


the other fans can see costumes, videos, hear songs, or rewrite scenes to be parodies.


We also allow participation in the novels. So our fans can illustrate a character or animate a scene, make comments, shoot a video, or anything they want. Using the app will make them a real part of the novel. They will be on our creative team.  They will be "published".


It will also allow for instant messaging, games, and whatever the latest bells and whistles are.


There are two phases in our transmedia marketing efforts.

• Community Building

• Fan Participation in the creative process


We will create a community made up of many different kinds of people that will grow with each property release.


There are multi-platform stories that revolve around a single pIn each property, we look for bigger issues that we consider part of the story.  For instance, our first novel, "Revenge Therapy,"  opens up the issue of abused women finding a solution to their problem.  Everything that happens in the timeframe of the book's release and promotion is part of that story. A Fox News host condemning revenge as therapy is part of the story.  A woman blogging about how standing up to a man helped her psychologically, is part of the story, too.


In the film property "The Thetis Threat" the issues are environmental.


It all works to make our issue resonate and to make people aware of the book. It also forms the basis of our community-building efforts which are key to the success of any transmedia works.


Our transmedia marketing campaign is based on traditional targeting and positioning — executed primarily by using social media and apps.


We will message our targets on their media in the interactive, user-in-control manner they demand.


We will not try to sell them tickets or books. We will use social media to talk about the subjects/issues in our properties. Trending topics sell properties that are on-topic and are the impetus for the conversation. So, our social media can "sell" ideas.


The cornerstone of our transmedia marketing efforts allows fans to add to the story in a real way, not merely on FANFICTION sites which only other super-fans visit. Our contributors will make their own videos, images, and new scenes that will become a REAL part of the story. We want readers of the hardcover book to be able to see our contributors' work using our proprietary "It's Alive!" app while they are reading.  If a fan draws Kilani's in costume at a party, we want the reader to be able to choose to see it while reading that scene.